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The city of Heraklion


The city of Heraklion: City CenterThe city of Heraklion is situated almost at the middle of the northern coast of Crete, at the western part of the prefecture's territory. It is the capital city of the prefecture -and of the whole island- with 140.000 permanent residents and numerous students, more than 15.000; the city is the seat of several Faculties of the University of Crete, mainly Science and Medicine.

Heraklion is a big, lovely and very lively city. As it is the administrative and economic centre not only of the prefecture but also of the whole of Crete, it offers all kinds of facilities to the visitor: banks and other financial services, travel agencies, rent a car agencies, any kind of department stores, supermarkets, etc. In case of emergency public and private hospitals are available, as well a wide range of private doctors of all specialties and, of course, numerous drugstores.

Heraklion Venetian PortHeraklion is one of the most popular destinations and the spots of attraction of tourists, both Greeks and from abroad, mainly thanks to Knossos and the nearby tourist resorts. As a result accommodation is plenty, within the city center, at the near by beaches and villages , in the suburbs or in short distance from the city. Many hotels, studios and rooms to let or even small apartments for longer rent are available and can satisfy any desire and any budget.

As in every other place in Crete, food and drink is abundant in the city. Taverns, restaurants of various tastes, street food, cafes, pastry shops and bars can be found everywhere. The locals like good food and drink and enjoy very much eating and drinking with friends; the ancient greek tradition of the "symposia" is still alive and food is almost always accompanied with chattering, songs and dance.

For more "hot" and intense amusement, a wide range of bars, clubs and discos are available, both with foreign and Greek music. Nightlife is interesting in the city and whatever way of amusement you choose, you may be sure that you will not be bored at all! And if you wish fun lasts long, until the sunrise of the next day!

Several cinemas, theatres, art galleries, cultural centers and the University add up to the cultural life of the city, which also has a rich activity in cultural events organized by the Municipality or by private organizations all year round.

Minimum wait time for leaving or picking up your vehicle via indoor spacious two-lane ramps Indoor, convenient wait/meeting area - make Central Parking the meeting point for you and your friends: drop your shopping with us and continue your day at the centre... Four easy-access routes via the city centre or the waterfront. Exit Central Parking to continue on to the city centre or the waterfront road